John Smith

Globe Lie Street Chats


  1. Derek Regan

    Hey guys, hope you’re well. It was a real pleasure speaking with you the other day in Fort William, my Daughter & I have been having a great laugh watching the footage! How’s the tour going? I’ve a few free days & was wondering where the remaining stops are on ” The great tour of 2018″? 

    Much appreciated,


  2. Paul Richardson

    Hi John, for three or more years now I’ve had my eyes open by videos and also being a critical thinker, I’m from the East Midlands of England and I’d love to be able to meet you guys and come to one of your street gatherings,if possible,can’t seem to be able to find out where if there are any gatherings near to me or wether there will be, I’m happy to take time off work to come visit where is nearish to me. All the best for now, hopefully hear back from you, p.s fabulous work your ALL doing 🤗

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