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Emergence of an idea

I have just finished an amazing street activism with the F.E.A.S.T group in Manchester, was another successful day,

check it out here Flat Earth Street Activism Manchester 

I have been wandering a little about the flat earth conference and think it’s a great idea for some flat earther to meet up with like-minded people, I think it will make a little splash with the UK news but I’m sure it will be soon forgotten as just another chip wrapper.

So, I’m thinking of buying a lorry and advertise flat earth all over it, I have a 7.5-ton licence and I have saved up a little cash but I can foresee lots of future problems, and I want an even bigger impact, I begun pondering over this for days, I come up with marches to Downing street and Westminster, maybe in the future soon.

But then have my amazing idea to Sail all around the UK, I have sailed before once having a Achilles 24 some years ago, so I was experienced in sailing, I’m not new to the sea once been a Fisherman when I was young,

This has to be the biggest splash I can make, literally, so I start looking all over the net for the right yacht and of course what i can afford.

Some weeks pass and I am getting ready for another days Activism in Birmingham when I inform John, Harry, Mat & Freya of my intended plan and that night I was bidding on a yacht on eBay which I later won.

I asked Harry from the John Smith Global Lie Youtube Channel Here if he would like to Join me, and without hesitation said yes,

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